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Redefining resilience

Calm swans are great, but we need flashes of creative kingfishers in our workforces too. Will a new definition of ‘resilience’ help us attract more neurodiversity?

Dyslexic and Loving Words

Here’s a piece I wrote for NAWE (National Association of Writers in Education) in 2014 following making Dyslexic & Loving Words, a film I made about dyslexic wordsmiths.

Me- Autistic? As If…

Kate Fox, stand-up poet, teacher, performer, wordsmith and social commentator (with a particular interest in Northernness) has kindly given us permission to repost this wonderful piece she wrote –  Me- Autistic? As If… 

Get a life get a label

Why go for an Asperger diagnosis when you’re aged 46 (and three quarters)? I was 40 when my addiction to collecting labels began in earnest. Not the jam pot kind; more of the ‘maybe-there’s-actually-a-reason-why-I-find life-so-overwhelming’ kind.